'The Following' Actor Has To Film Every Scene Twice To Play Twins

So guys,


Well, we have now, a The Following whatsapp group.
And if any of you want to join us, just sent a ask for: joecarrollives with all the necessary phone codes.
If anything goes wrong, just ask me or Julia and join us :) You all are verry welcome 

After you receive this, you must share 5 random facts about yourself and then copy and send to your ten fave followers. If you got this then you're one of my fave blogs

asked by: joecarrollives

  • I am strangely weird ;)
  • Lily was one of my favourite character on The Following season 2. Yep!
  • I love maths
  • Mandy is wrong because I don’t like chocolate
  • I read a lot

Thanks sweetie ;)